Declaration of Compliance with Publishing Ethics in the Journal of the STU MTF Research Papers was prepared in accordance with the Elsevier’s Publishing Ethics Resource Kit (PERK) (12), Ethics in Research and Publication (1), and the COPE Code of Conduct (3).

  1. Policy of the Journal
    1.1 The Journal of Research Papers (hereinafter referred to as the Journal) has a clear editorial strategy defined by the Journal’s Statute approved by the STU MTF Scientific Board.
    1.2 The Journal undergoes a double blind peer process
    1.3 The Journal provides a variety of authors and editors’ origins.
    1.4 All articles published in the Journal are subject to unconditional compliance with the Copyright Law and the rules of moral and ethical principles of publishing, excluding any forms of plagiarism.
  1. Contents of the Journal
    2.1 The Journal publishes articles in the STU MTF research fields or related disciplines (in the case of foreign authors/co-authors).
    2.2 All articles contain a clear abstract in accordance with the purpose and focus of the Journal.
  1. Reputation of the Journal
    3.1   The publisher of the STU MTF Journal gives approval for Open Access (OA), i.e. provides a free unlimited access to the research results published in articles without copyright infringement under a publicly valid Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License .
    3.2   The Journal seeks to ensure the reputation of the Editorial Board members.
  1. Periodicity of Journal
    4.1   The Editorial Office of the Journal ensures regularity and compliance with the terms of the Journal publication.
    4.2    The Journal is published at least twice a year under the registered ISSN.
  1. Online access
    5.1   The whole content of the Journal is also published electronically.
    5.2   Online access to the Journal is available via the Journal website free of charge.
    5.3   The Journal is published exclusively in English.
  1. Publishing and authorship
    6.1   Authors are required to publish only true and authentic information.
    6.2   The authors must indicate the source of financial support for the research (number and title of the grant, name of the grant agency).
    6.3   When publishing scientific papers in English, the STU authors must indicate affiliation to the faculty under the RECTOR’s DIRECTIVE No. 1/2016-SR on the Unified listing of the addresses of the Slovak University of Technology workplaces.
    6.4   Published articles must contain a list of citations written in Latin alphabet in accordance with the Citation Standards.
    6.5   The authors’ obligations are defined in the Journal’s Statute.
  1. Obligations of Reviewers
    7.1   All articles published in the Journal are subject to anonymous reviewing.
    7.2   There are at least two reviewers, of which at least one must be from abroad.
    7.3   All reviews must be objective.
    7.4   Reviewers should draw attention to relevant published articles that are not cited.